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3days ago by Joshua Fruhlinger in
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The last time we checked in on SpaceX ( $SPACEX ), the company was Life Stride Mimosa II Womens ypbJly6r9m
. As of late, however, hiring efforts at the private Space companyhave slowed down in the pastseven weeks. Where they've slowed the most. however, is telling.

Data from Thinknum - Musse amp; Cloud Kandy Womens h15AMWpoK
Domain (Count)

The drop in openings is precipitous, from a high of 556 open position in May to just 285 today. That's a massive 49%cut in job openings.

Normally, such a precipitous drop in job openings for any company would be cause for concern. But when it comes to a company that is working on shooting satellites into space, creating affordable and global broadband networks, and ultimatelyshepherdingmankind to other planets, such a change in hiring doesn't necessaily meanbad times.

Such a lull comes after a steep rise in hiring on the tail of positive contract activity for SpaceX, Georgia Boot Homeland 8 Soft Toe Mens PpRfaTE
.Thiscould be an indication that SpaceX now has the engineers and scientists on staff to make good on those contracts. In other words, they have who they need to do what they need.

But it could also mean that SpaceX has the people it needs to do something even more special: Deploy Starlink, its low-orbit satellite constellation network.

Then again, it could mean that the program is canceled.

Comparing the high- and low-points of SpaceX hiring is even more telling.

At its peak on Skechers USA Reggae Fest Havasupai Womens SISt2U
, SpaceX was hiring for the following locations:

And as of today , here are the locations in which SpaceX is hiring:

As you can see, hiring dropped at virtually all locations, but the most abrupt drop is seen at the Redmond, Washington facility, where openings went from a 108 to just 6. That's where SpaceX is developing Starlink, the Low-Earth Orbot (LEO) mesh network of satellites that is being deployed to help fund other, more ambitious efforts at the company.

And assuming that Starlink is staffed up, that means the network could be fully deployed on schedule. SpaceX has already submitted regulatory filing to getabout 12,000 satellite to orbit by the mid-2020s.

In other words, the hiring drop — specifically where it appeears to be centered — could actually be a good sign for SpaceX and ultimately for the democratization broadband internet. If SpaceX hires 100-odd engineers since May to get the network going, the company could be well-positioned for larger, dependent initiatives.

She is on the judging jury for the Native Advertising Institute Awards, The Content Marketing Institute Awards and the Shorty Awards and is a frequent speaker at SXSW, iMedia Connect, Business Insider Ignition, Social Media Week and more.

Susanne Weller (Germany) @Susanneweller

Susanne Weller is a content strategist, communications expert and editor. She helps international companies and institutions in the fields of energy, food, science, health, digiconomy and adtech in developing and distributing meaningful content for sustainable conversations with their target groups.

Based on a deep analysis of both customer needs and brand purpose, she builds up a roadmap for unique, customised measures for audience-focused content. Her fully integrated, holistic approach supports companies to establish trust between the brand and its audience.

Deer Stags Williamsburg Mens Dr2DpGUS
(United Kingdom) @Taboola_Dach

As the Director of Media Sales at Taboola, Tatjana Biallas is heading up the growth of the DACH region, by helping advertisers distribute their content and reach new audiences through native advertising campaigns on publishers across the globe. Tatjana was the first media sales manager in the German team opening the market from scratch over 2.5 years ago. Today, the German team consists of more than 20 people. Previously, Tatjana worked in branded content at CNBC International, partnering with brands such as Microsoft Cloud around the TV-production “1 Second in… F1 Racing”. Her media and sales career started over 10 years ago in Cologne, working for the largest German broadcaster, RTL Group, where she learned the basics of why content is king. She has degrees in business administration and media and communication from the City University of London. Tatjana believes the key to a successful content marketing strategy is storytelling, understanding and addressing customer needs, as well as getting the moment right when a user discovers a story for the first time.

Tijana Pavlovic (Serbia)

Throughout the last 12 years as a digital professional, Tijana has had the pleasure of managing the development of some of the most significant publishing websites in Serbia since their establishment. Managing people and clients’ projects in advertising, she has gained a complete insight into digital strategies and brand communication from various industries.

In 2015, Tijana joined Ringier Axel Springer to lead a digital advertising team. Meanwhile, due to developing and upgrading the business, she was assigned to lead a newly formed team of Digital Service and Native Advertising, which is meant to be fully devoted to creating multichannel strategies for international clients.

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Please see "children's content" to learn more.

In order to comply with the Easy Spirit Hugs Womens uN1t7kAr9A
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