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Anyone can build this index, and we even provide an open-source tool to do so. You build your Query Suggestions index from your Analytics data, which relies on past queries from users. The more data in the Analytics, the better.

Depending on your plan, you can set up and manage Query Suggestions in the Dashboard or with a Configuration File . You do not need to use the configuration file if you are using the Dashboard. Both methods offer the same set of features.

Dashboard Configuration File

Query Suggestions is available in the Dashboard to all Business Enterprise customers, but you need to enable it first. Please reach out to the Algolia Success Team at support@algolia.com to enable this feature on your dashboard.

You can use our Query Suggestions dashboard to do everything you need in order to manage the data and configuration.

If you don’t have a Business or Enterprise plan, you can still define your Query Suggestions index using a configuration file. Everything that can be done in the dashboard can be done in the configuration file. You can find a full discussion on how to work with the configuration file in our AdTec 9 Logger Mens BOgDTe

Query Suggestions is entirely data-driven, suggesting the best-matched searches based on a comparison between the terms typed and a collection of stored queries.

Internally, a suggestion is based on a specific query with the count, which is simply the number of times it has been typed in.

Whatever the source of data, the suggestion engine uses a popularity score to determine what queries to suggest. Every input uses the same format for its suggestions: the query + the number of times it has been used . If the same query comes in from more than one source, we add the values together and use the total as the score for that query.

popularity score

There are 2 important aspects to keep in mind with query suggestions:


Take a look at these suggestions for the query “iph”:

one charger

These suggestions seem appropriate and relevant: “iph” suggests “iphone”, and the most popular queries for iphone are either models or accessories. Good so far.

However, iphone X is missing and 6 is higher than 8. This is most likely due to the current analytics data, which relies on popularity.

The solution? We regenerate your suggestions index every 24 hours, and take into account only the last 30 days of analytics data. So if more people search for 8 than 6, it will end up on top. This is still biased by the initial position though - that’s why we let our customers upload ‘external analytics’ data to feed the suggestions and their popularity scores.

[78] Gita Sen and Caren Grown, for dawn , Development, Crises and Alternative Visions: Third World Women’s Perspectives , London and Washington, dc 1988 [1987], pp. 23, 9–10. dawn —the acronym stood for Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era—was funded by the Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish overseas-aid agencies, the Ford Foundation and the un ’s ngo Secretariat. Its founders included Devaki Jain (trained at Oxford), Gita Sen (Stanford), Peggy Antrobus (Amherst), Fatima Mernissi (Sorbonne, Brandeis), Rounaq Jahan (Harvard), Lourdes Arizpe (University of Geneva, lse ) and Achola Pala (Harvard). Many of them had taken part in a 1977 international conference at the Center for Research on Women at Wellesley College, sponsored by Ford and usaid , which produced a landmark collection of texts on feminist development issues, canonized in a special edition of Signs and later published by Chicago: Wellesley Editorial Committee, Women and National Development: The Complexities of Change , Chicago 1977.

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[84] At Washington’s behest, the un Security Council established the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia in 1993 and another for Rwanda in 1995. The statute of the International Criminal Court itself was finalized in 1998, with Germany and Canada in central roles. The icc began operations in The Hague in 2003. See Tor Krever, ‘Dispensing Global Justice’, nlr 85, Jan–Feb 2014.

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